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The Outcasted Network

Mission Statement

The Outcasted Network, Est. 2018

Our goal is to develop a player base of strong, and active players within our community, which promotes upward growth and success in achieving our collective or individual goals.

We define and separate ourselves through our actions as well as our words, and in saying that I welcome all players of all strengths, from all walks of life... Although we are Outcasts we take comfort in knowing we are not alone in our loneliness, we all have so much to offer each other.

Our foundation is built on the lack of open and inviting clans, my goal as the clan leader is to welcome with open arms any and all players, this will promote long and short term growth, in addition to building a strong base of players which will grow to be successful in all games. Our ultimate goal is to become a large network with a variety of communities within it, we have the development skills to accomplish this and intend to do so over time, while also maintaining our own player base and offering our own clans within our community.


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17th Feb 2019 - 10:57pm

The website's Discord 'tutorial' did very little aside from explaining how to install Discord and enable game activity.

The Discord itself, upon joining, makes no effort to actually explain how to get roles for specific games, and when PMing an admin to ask how to get specific roles, I was directed to post in their help channel, which felt very rude when they could have just helped me themselves. 

Overall, a fairly negative first impression, and poor setup of Discord and website leaves me wish I just hadn't wasted time joining their server in the first place.