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Mission Statement

Introduction: Welcome to the Orvyz Clan. We are a new and fast-growing Fortnite Clan sponsored by FatalGrips and GalvanizedGrips, looking to recruit players of age 12+. Orvyz is both a casual and competitive clan with clan war every weekend and scrims as often as possible, as well as upcoming tournaments! We require you to bek an active member of the Discord server, even if you are not playing Fortnite.


Reason to join: We are a gaming community where both good, average and worse players can gather up to play scrims, tournaments and even clan wars! We hope to be the best community and clan there is out there. We require all members to be active on the Discord as it will support our clan. We also require that you contribute to the clan’s future. Keep gaming!


How to join:

If you are interested in joining Orvyz please make sure that you meet requirements:


Have a working microphone.

Be active on Discord.

You are at least 12 years of age.

You are willing to follow all the rules listed on the Discord server.

You are willing to be patient, if something doesn’t happen right away.   

And be respectful to staff and members.


If you meet all the requirements, then check out our Discord clan server:



The process:

Once you enter our Discord server please go to the #self-assignment, click on the emoji that corresponds to the platform you play on and click the verify emoji, and you are ready to go! Once you are on the discord please read through all the rules and read through the Orvyz apply form. After reading those 2 things go to the tryout form, fill it out and send it to staff or owner. Make sure you are active on discord or you will not get your tryout. We are a brand-new clan, we are working on getting organized so sometimes we might not get right to you. (Just do not spam in chat).


Ranks we offer:

At the current moment in time we do not have any rank requirements. We do not give roles based on what your stats are, rather on how you play in tryouts. We do not like basing people of there stats mainly because if you played since the start there is a good chance you have bad K/D or other bad stats.


The ranks under are listed from highest to lowest:


Staff (Mod, Admin...)


Pro Team Tester and Pro Team


Casual Team Tester and Casual Team



We thank you for your time of reading this and we hope you consider joining Orvyz.