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Mission Statement

Welcome to Team Orvyz.

We are a new and fast-growing eSports team sponsored by AFK CLOTHING and GalvanizedGrips, we looking to recruit players of age 14+. Orvyz is both a casual and competitive clan with differnet competative games every weekend, as well as upcoming tournaments! We require you to be an active member of the Discord server, even if you are not playing any of the games that we offer.

How to join:
Once you enter our Discord server: you have to go to #🎮-game-selection-🎮 and choose the games you play. This will activate a new chat under which is called #"game"-invite. Go into that chat and you will see a link to the game Discord server. Join that, and you are one step closer to playing pro.

Our team Discord (join this):

We are a gaming community where both good, average and worse players can gather up to play scrims, tournaments and even clan wars! We hope to be the best community and clan there is out there. We require all members to be active on the Discord as it will support our clan. We also require that you contribute to the clan’s future, and ofc, keep gaming!

These are the ranks that we offer in the team:

Staff: Helper, Enforcer, Moderator and Admin.
Roster team: Playing competatively for the team.
Fortnite Team Ranks: Casual Team, Semi-Elite, Elite, Master, Pro and Roster team.
Rainbow Six Siege Ranks: All the different ranks in R6S and Roster team.
Apex Legends: Lvl ranks and Roster team.


Our team is also offering "Streamer" ranks, "Content Creator" ranks and "GFX Designer" ranks.

• Don't spam/chat flood within any chatroom and/or voice chat.
• Don't excessively swear/mention NSFW in any chatroom and/or voice chat.
• Don't self-promote in any other channel except the "Self-Promotion" chat.
• Don't post any suspicious/NSFW links.
• Don't attempt to evade sanctions if you do break any of these rules.
• Don't have your nickname/name impersonate/possess any inappropriate phrases.
• Don't act immature/rude to anyone, including staff.
• Don't ask for rank promotions!
• Don't discriminate.
• Use common sense, being ignorant well result in punishements.
• Don't use invisible names.

If you keep following these rules and you’ll be set!

We thank you for reading this, and we hope you consider joining Team Orvyz.





21st Feb 2019 - 12:13am

Hello i am 16 years old and I play Fortnite scrims wagers and tournaments all of the time. I also play apex legends but i am not very good at it.  I play ps4 but cannot join discord because my parents have parental settings on all of my devices. Also i cannot try out for the clan right now because i am in Las Vegas in a fortnite tournament!!! I am returning to NAE on March 15th 2019. I also play r6 but am terrible at it. I am looking to join the Competitive side of the clan. My stats are not the best but i am a skilled in game player. 



Kangaroojoey975(PSN) (Joseph Willis)


PS. Does this clan pay members of the competitive teams each month. Because the clan is sponsored ???


20th Jan 2019 - 3:24am

Can I try out soon? I've joined the discord and if you need my username its