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Order of the Velour Fog

Mission Statement

OVF recruitment - join us on discord

Congratz on making it this far down. What's to say...we're a small group who are looking to boost our numbers for doing end game content with reliable team members. We're an ecclectic group, some like pewpew and some like thinky games and we'll find games we can run together.

Some questions and answers below:

What's with the name? Too many clans want to be bad ass mother fuckers , us?  we're in it for a laugh and a bit of a pisstake, so no full on serious I'm here to win  type players please. 

Is there a commitment? Nope, we're looking for people who'll run group content as a squad/group e.g. Division Incursions

Is there a minimum age? Yes, we're a mature group and the banter is definitely 18+

What games do you play? Loads, we tend to switch about, we're not fanatical on one game. Missing from the list, Divinity Sin 2, World of Warships and other stuff.

What nights are you on? We're on most nights of the week, due to work and life there may only be 2 or 3 of us hence the need to build our wee community?

Where you from? UK and Holland, we're open to anyone although we can only speak english

What do I get out of it? A friendly group of players who'll help each other out, we're a tight nit group and you'll be part of that.

Can I suggest games for us to play? Hellz yeah, we're always looking for something we can play together, Wild West Online and Anthem are two we're keeping our eye on

Is there a clan structure? Nope, we're all equal

Voice comms? Discord, sorry we don't do TS or Mumble. If you look on Discord and see we're not there just jump on, somebody will be on soon ;)


discord link