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Order Of Tri Kings

Mission Statement

"We are an 18+ Adult Clan and Community"

The Order of Tri Kings is reborn. Now more active and more welcoming to those that wish to find true friendships. Our goal is not to be a massive clan but a successful clan for everyone. We are a community of gamers from all around. We are based in both US and UK. Bring in the proper members that really wish to be part of something great. We are a safe environment for all types of gamers to come. We are a mix of gamers and streamers. We all play many of the main games, along with trying new games out. We strive for respect and honor from and to all of our members. We are not a strict clan on active players. We are an adult community and know that majority of everyone works. So no worries if you can not be always active.

We promote our top streamers and new streamers that really wish to help this community grow. Each member must go through a basic friendly interview. This so you can learn more about us as well we learn about you. Everyone strives to make this community as top-notch, enjoyable, and innovative as we can. We welcome all that wish to join.

We are a safe community for those that are looking for a non-toxic environment like most clans you see. We conduct interviews with each member, to make sure they are kind-hearted individuals that are truly here to game and enjoy everyone. We are a safe place for all gamers guys and girls to come and get away from the creeps, disrespect, and toxic gamers in the world. We are a small clan and choice to be one to gain and keep only the best true gamers that love the game.


If you wish to join please follow these basic steps

  1. Join our Interview Discord server.
  2. Conduct a basic Voice Chat interview to learn about you and for you to learn about us.
  3. wait for the approval to join the private server.


  • Call of Duty
  • Rainbow Siege Six
  • Destiny 2
  • Overwatch
  • Valorant
  • Fortnite
  • Among Us



  • Must use Discord
  • Must conduct an entry interview with one of the heads
  • Must be at least 18 years or older
  • Must enjoy gaming regardless of your skill level
  • No hackers
  • No Harassment or any type

If you would like to Join Please join our






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