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Optimal Predator

Mission Statement

Optimal Predator is a Clan that was made for one main purpose, that is to have a good, consistent group of friends to slaughter all games that come in out path. I don't know about you guys but I am tired of playing with randy random whenever I need a hand in a co op game or I'm just bored of the same old AI dialogue. I want to know that there is a party already full of my buddies before I even log on to xbox, and jump right in and get started on whatever the group is doing that night. Co-Op or PVP, all of it is fine as long as we are doing it as a clan and having a good time, there are no "leaders" or "admins" aside from a few founding members to arbitrate in case of arguments and to make sure that the logistical duties are taken care of, other than that, there is no hierarchy to speak of, we are playing video games, not fighting in the war of the roses, or trying to subvert queen cersei and her turd offspring Joffrey.

We are Primarily an Xbox one Clan, however, PlayStation 4 and PC will also be active and equal parts of the clan.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is not listed on this site, however it is a game we are Heavily interested in playing.

Games Played



I would love to join this clan. It is just what I have been looking for. SO many of these games have fallen to the wayside with me because I do not have anyone to play with. Please contact me if you are still building the clan.


Hey, I love the mission statement behind the clan. I'm an active Destiny 2 player on Xbox One. Play mostly PVP. And I play World Of Warcraft too. Would love to join the clan. 

Xbox Gamertag: DankDynamus

Blizzard Dynamus#1486