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Onyx Gaming

Mission Statement


Onyx Gaming is an ACTIVE and quickly growing community of players who wanted a sense of community that we couldn't find anywhere else. Our overall clan culture is relaxed, drama-free, and open. 

Our community is active with 1,500 text messages sent per day and 6 to 9 thousand minutes of members in discord voice channels per day. We were founded on July 10th, 2020. Our goal is to strive for place where all users are familiar with each other, and there's always someone to come chill or play with. Our members will gladly socialize with anyone who joins. In addition, it's important to us to stray away from the common model of unobtainable ranks and authority. The power dispersion among ranks is small, as we are a community, not a dictatorship. Our roles are well grounded, and personable. The leaders simply keep the place running and healthy. This is an experience run by users like you, for you. 



  • An active, multi-platform community
  • Mature, 16+ age of members
  • Weekly gaming events
  • Prizes to be won
  • Dedicated team of staff members to maintain a positive environment and answer any questions
  • Monthly meetings to provide feedback to your staff team
  • Self-role selection
  • Events Team
  • Recruitment Team
  • Streamer Roles
  • Leadership positions available



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Rogue Energy Code: OnyxGlobalGaming




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14th Aug 2020 - 12:31am

This sounds like what I’m looking for guys. I played CS1.6 many years ago and took a break off PC gaming. I kept up the PS4 over the years but am now back with a decent spec pc to run games. I’m currently playing Valorant, LoL and CSGO but I will literally try my hand/buy anything if there’s people playing. 

I’m UK based, 32 years old and can’t be bothered with toxicity or abusive people. I’m looking for likeminded players to play with, continue to improve and add a competitive/more tactical element to my gaming. I’m on PC (or PS4) every night pretty much.


7th Aug 2020 - 8:32pm

I am interested in joining this clan. I am UK based and looking to play competitively on a regular basis. X3ION88