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Only 90's Kids

Mission Statement

[90's] - ONLY 90'S KIDS

Were you born in the 90's? I don't think so.

Only 90's Gamers remember this. Only 90's Gamers remember this. Were you born in the 90's? I don't think so. Otherwise you'd know what this is. If you're not a 90's Gamer, you not gonna know what this is. Cus only people born in the 90's know what this is. Only 90's Gamers will ever know, what this video game is. That's it! People born in the 90's! In 1990's, people born in 90's will get- know what this is. Pe- only 90's Gamers, know, what kind of game this is. If you ask any kid from the 2000's, they're not gonna know. If you ask someone born from the 1980's, they're not gonna know.

About us:

We are a small gaming community out to connect with other guardians, bash our heads in the Crucible, visit the Leviathan, and mediate and grow together as a community. Our discord is open to the public for public match-making and guidance with public events and raids. We welcome members from other clans! Please enjoy your stay!

Season One: Level 6 (Max Clan Level)

Season Two: Level 6 (Max Clan Level)

Open Membership
North American Clan - But Anyone Is Welcomed! 

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