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Ominance | Destiny 2 | Sea of Thieves

Mission Statement

Welcome to Ominance
Ominance is a community that came from Destiny. Now is tackling the rough seas of Sea of Thieves. A few of us are already dedicated to be playing the game at launch but I'm looking to expand this side of the community and really take its shine on Ominance. 

I could go on and on saying the same old stuff everyone else says but I ain't. I'm just gonna say I built this community for solo player's like myself to make a couple of mates and being able to play with those mates whenever (when they're on obviously). 

I was successful in Destiny with that statement and now I want to be able to say the same thing for SoT. To say I made people feel good about being in a community and for people to make friends of their own, not just me.

Big community looking to get bigger in Sea of Thieves. Just a bunch of mates playing video games.

Come look around, if you don't like it, you don't have to stay, you're welcome either way.

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