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Old School Casuals Gaming

Mission Statement

Welcome to Old School Casuals (OSC).

- Years of experience: Founded in 2007

- Zero tolerance for trolls, toxic ####s, and ghosts. 

- Adult only. Mainly recruiting for 25+. Exceptions can be made down to 18 if an individual is mature and self-reliant. 

- Team focused. Be interested in actually being in a community.

- All platforms welcome.

- Must respect every individual's right to live their life how ever they want and say whatever they want. (This does not cover toxic behavior.)

This is a community centered gaming clan. This means, you get what you put into it. We are looking to build real friendships and welcome fellow gamers to a true team. This is not a service for folks who are bored and just looking for a quick game with someone. If you actually want to find a team you can grow with and become a part of the community, this is the place for you. 




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