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The Old Gods

Mission Statement

.First and foremost welcome to The Old Gods... We are a fun PVE and PVP group that is based in the east part of the US we have many things that go on in our group but are not limited to.

.Group Events- PVP and PVE mission completion, Boss Groups, Faction Leveling, Territory Control, and Player Leveling are all future plans when the game releases.

.Dedicated Roles for PVE and Roleplay-We are adding roles for someone that wants to be a personal Blacksmith, and or a leatherworker, or personal cook it is up to you what kind of role you want for roleplay or the PVE aspect if that's what you're interested in.

.Weekly Challenges-The clan will do Dungeon Clearing and PVP and PVE Mission completion there is not a set day it will be randomly but during this completion of Dungeon Clearing and PVE and PVP Mission completion, Completing corruption areas also on the game's release.

.Promotions-There will be plenty of room for promotions based on performance and knowledge.

.Weekly Briefings-There will be weekly meetings there are no set dates but an announcement will be sent out for this to keep everyone updated on Promotions, Updates that are happening within the company, and when company giveaways will happen.

.Region-Region is not an issue as long as you speak English.