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The Oath Breakers (OATH)

Mission Statement

Clan Name: The Oath Breakers

System(s): Xbox 1

Location: All around. We have a variety of people in different timezones so finding someone to link up with is fairly easy all you have to do is ask!

Clan Background: we all come from a very large clan and we branched off to do our own thing. Our clan is just starting out with about 30 strong. We have all gamed together for a year plus and started a clan to extend our gaming family even further and hopefully help people enjoy Destiny 2 as much as we do

Requirements: having a mic is a must. It's very important when we raid and run trials. The only exception is if you have a medical condition that keeps you from talking or if you are a deaf gamer. We all look out for our own! You a PvP guy? Help show people how to be a boss in trials! A member posts they never completed a raid? Help set up a raid or lend a hand in the raid to teach. We don't do carries but we have no problem teaching people so you can pay it forward!


When We Play: We are a very active clan and we have people on daily at all different times like it was stated earlier were all in different timezones we set things up at mutual times as far as raids, trials, etc. But it's be hard to not find someone online.

Communication: primarily were using our Facebook page as the main means for communication and set ups. The more we grow we do have intentions to expand communication to other platforms but for now we stick with facebook

Contact Info: you can contact us on our Facebook or message one of us admins on Xbox just make sure you state what it's regarding and where
BearManPig85 - Admin
GodSPEED145 -Admin
DaclclyDredd -Admin

We highly suggest join our Facebook grp so you can stay informed and up to day with raid and pvp grp scheduling.

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