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Mission Statement

First off sub to the clan youtube here:

NYX Clan is a new, refreshing team that combines competitive spirit and events with an established, welcoming community. We offer daily customs, clan wars, and practice clan wars. To tryout, join the discord! We can't wait to see you there :) GL

We are hoping to become apart of the competitive scene with the best players and would love to have you people that really think they have the skill to compete with the best players to join. We are really trying to get known and get our name out there. So please help us out and join Team NYX!!! 

To join you have to make a RC video/Montage showcasing your skill and in the title we would like to see #NYXGOATED or #NYXRC 






25th Jun 2019 - 8:53pm

Hunts please unban me I am XyNeTe why did I get banned in the first place?


16th Apr 2019 - 12:11am

@hunts_4_5 unblock my main on discord or send a friend request or something, i made something for you, please trust me its worth it


10th Apr 2019 - 6:14am


Hi I am interested of joining the clan + discord and I think I have potential to be on some pretty good team heights.

For one, I play with my brother so my FNTracker stats are off, but I calculated correctly and these are results.


1.60% WINRATE (correct on FNTRACKER)

33 WINS IN 2 SEASONS (im quite new)

891 KILLS (2 seasons)

These stats have been confirmed by my friends who are mathematicians and I recalculated over again to make sure, and I was correct. So please consider.

Your discord tag does not work btw, so please consider an invitation to the discord clan because I believe I can be of use to the clan NYX.

Thanks for consideration.

P.S if you want to calculate the K/D for yourself...

check my fn tracker and do matches divided by wins then divided by kills

if i am incorrect I am sorry.



10th Mar 2019 - 2:07am

hay can i join your clan im a casual gamer but i think i have a lot of skill