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No Rez for the Weary [AUS]

Mission Statement

No Rez for the Weary is a chill, Aussie based clan of mature-minded folk who play for fun, not as a second job. We're primarily PvE/raids but will casually play PvP from time to time.

There are no gameplay requirements to join and we are happy to take on players new to Destiny in general. Casual players are also welcome provided that they're willing to jump in Discord and chat from time to time as we are a social group and enjoy making new friends as well as occasionally teaming up for other games during quiet periods.

We don't schedule activities but we do tend to spontaneously throw together raid parties on request. We have a core group of hardcore raiders who are more than happy to sherpa new players through all raids and help out with any activities in general.

While Aussie based, our play time does overlap with nearby time zones and Kiwis are more than welcome to apply!

NREZ is casual friendly, LGBT+ friendly and has zero tolerance for toxic behaviour.


  • Must be 18+
  • Must be willing to engage with other clan members
  • Must be relatively active in Discord (basic server rules apply)

To join:

Simply apply through the clan page. Approval is generally granted within 24 hours. If you have applied and not been approved in this time frame, please feel free to message me or respond to this post and I'll send an invite instead. Applicants who do not join the Discord server within a week of applying will be kicked.