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Nights Guard

Mission Statement

Ever been gunned down in the Dark Zone while trying to collect high teir loot? Ever think to yourself “I really wish They’d do something about this.” Well we welcome you to join The Nights Guard!

The Nights Guard is an elite strike force set to take back the streets from Rogue Agents and other enemy factions. 


you must have a mic

you must be 18 

English speaking only 


The main goals of The Nights Guard are to patrol the DZ eliminating any Rogue agents and helping out any fellow passive agents with collecting loot, also Raids (when they come out) 

We have a very professionally made Discord that helps plan and establish communications while patrolling the DZ and Washington. 

This is a Semi-Realistic RP experience. We like to police the DarkZone, Rogue Agents will not be tolerated. 

Both commanders of The Nights Guard are 450+ gear score and are more than willing to help build your character with you! 

If you wish to join:

1. Join the discord

2.give your gamer tag to one of our Conmanders in Nights Guard or feel free to put it in the Base Of Operations channel. 

3. We will add you to Nights Guard as a recruit and you will begin your probationary period. The probationary period is essentially a short period of time to make sure you’re the correct fit for Nights Guard. 


We look forward to going on this adventure with you! 

Thank you.