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[NEW WORLD]The Blood Stone Pack

Mission Statement

About us: We're a highly achieved group of mature gamers with server first / end-game experience from WoW, Destiny, and more. Most of our members are 18+ years and we've been around playing games together for a long time in 2022. We enjoy hanging out.

The Bloodstone Pack is a semi-hardcore Company; meaning that we have a spectrum of players where the majority is super dedicated and hardcore, and a minority is in between casual and hardcore. We have big respect for IRL and we don't demand x hours a day/week in-game. Although, we expect you to contribute, support, and dedicate yourself to the community and to New World. What brings us together is the mentality that we want to have fun while being competitive or casual.

We do not expect you to be Hardcore new world players.


What we offer:

- Competitive Company

- Mature environment

- Active and consistent

- Supportive and friendly


What we're looking for:

-  Active and dedicated players

-  English speaking people

-  With a mindset to learn and get better together

-  Participation

- Team players For more information: Please come join our discord to chat with us more.


Discord: DM Swayho#0034 or use our link: