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New Mandalorian Order

Mission Statement

The goal of the New Mandalorian Order:


We wish to provide a fun and safe gaming community for all members worldwide of at least fifteen years of age and up that will allow for competitive and casual players alike to have the best experience possible. Although a relatively new organization, we offer a number of games and social groups to fit the varied needs of the gaming world. As an expanding community, we stand as a truly democratic organization where no member will be coerced or forced into 'ranking up' or using 'finding recruits' as a method to gain status within the community. We hold nightly events during the week and weekend and cater to North American, European Union and Australian players alike. As a military veteran-friendly community, we also welcome any members of the armed forces, active or retired, with open arms. Above all, we stand for and value loyalty, honor, trust and family.


Although unlisted, we also have a Paladins and Halo 5 section of the community.

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Sun, 29/07/2018 - 14:38

This new order is the only one thing that we are getting on the same and there needs to be done something about it sap. Please tell us what can be done on it.