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The Nerd Friends

Mission Statement


The Nerd Friends! We are a gaming discord of all ages (mostly 18+) looking to build our community and find new people to game with. We originally started as a small friend group and have slowly grown into a gaming hub. We play games such as COD, Warzone, Valorant, Apex, Among Us, Rocket League, some Sports Games, Forza, etc.

If you're a twitch streamer, we have some features that may appeal to you! We have affiliate streamers that have access to advertising their streams in the server to help build their audience. If this is something that would interest you, join the discord to find out more information on how you could qualify to be one of our affiliate streamers! 

We also have our own private Minecraft server! If you love getting creative then you'll definitely fit right in with our MC crew! We are always looking for new people to help build our world.



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