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MTX Gaming

Mission Statement

Welcome to MTX Gaming, a gaming organization all about having fun and enjoying video games!

Currently, we are recruiting...

  • Fortnite Players (Casual)
  • Fortnite Competitive Players (NA-East, NA-West, and Europe Only)
  • Rocket League Players
  • Minecraft Players
  • Mario Game Players
  • Overwatch Players
  • Sports Game Players
  • Racing Game Players
  • Rainbow Six Siege Players (Casual)
  • Rainbow Six Siege Competitive Players
  • Call of Duty Players
  • Streamers
  • Content Creators
  • Editors
  • Graphic Designers

React in #apply-here and/or fill out one of the applications in #content-applications and/or #competitive-applications on our discord server if you are interested.

Here are some rules that you have to follow in order to be a member of MTX Gaming:


  • You have to be 11 years of age or older to join the clan.

- If you are honest, we will kick you and you can join back when you are old enough.


  • No swearing.

- Warning, then ban.


  • No inappropriate or offensive language (Remember, there are 11 year olds here).

- Warning, then ban.


  • Any racism, sexism, derogatory behavior, discrimination, or talk of hate is strictly prohibited.

- Automatic ban.


  • Do not ping Moderators, Admins, or Owners unless it is really important.

- Warning if unimportant, then kick.


  • Do not ask for a tryout

- You can apply for Fortnite Competitive in #competitive-applications.  Do not ask for a tryout, as we will see your application and contact you.

  • Do not ask us to read your application.

- If you submitted an application, we will see it.  Please be patient, as it may take us some time to see your application.


  • Use the correct channels.

- For example, self-promotion belongs in #self-promotion .


  • You have to speak english

- If your English isn’t the best, that’s totally fine.  You have to know enough to have a basic conversation with someone.


  • Do not ask for roles

- You can find out what roles you can apply for in #roles .


  • Alt accounts are not allowed

- Your alt account will be kicked if done once.  If done a second time, your main and alt account will be banned.


  • No spamming

- Warning, then ban.


  • No impersonating

- Automatic ban.


  • Don’t annoy others

- Warning, then ban.


  • Don’t be mean to others/no being toxic

- Warning, then ban.



- If you wouldn’t say it, never type it.

If you are interested in joining MTX Gaming, join our discord server here:

Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter so you can see the latest news from MTX Gaming:

We hope you enjoy!

- MTX Gaming Team

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