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Mother Bear

Mission Statement


We are Mother Bear

A mature, friendly and close knit clan that keeps things friendly and competitive. Instead of inviting the masses to our clan to gloat about numbers, we do things differently.

Currently we only allow 18 dedicated clan members of any ability to join to partake in all PVE and PVP activities.

We are currently recruiting for 6 Spaces and ask:

- We are all UK members so for time zones/launches we ask you to also be from the UK
- We are all adults - we ask that you also at least 24 years of age or older
- Have the most up to date DLC -
- We all have other commitments, but please be active at least 2/3 nights a week.

If you are interested feel free to respond to this thread below




26th Mar 2018 - 8:24pm

hey i am 18 years old i am very interested in joining your clan i play every single day add me on xbox if you want me to join here is my gamer tag NinthXxarmyXx