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MoGZ of War

Mission Statement

The MoGZ of War is a clan for like minded people, adults only with enforced age limit(of 21+), who love to play PS4 and PC games with fellow clan members with the purpose of having fun. Our focus is Battlefield. As a member of MoGZ, we ask you to be respectful. We don't care if you are black or white, if you are male or female, and/or if you are the worst player ever.

We do ask you to play with clan members. Obviously sometimes you may want to play as a lone wolf (which is fine), but you did become a part of a clan for a reason. Make reasonable efforts to play with your clan members. Please!

We will not tolerate any form of modding, cheating, hacking, glitching or boosting within games.

Racism is not tolerated. Nor homophobia.

When on mic please try not to "rage" - you may feel frustrated but it is uncomfortable to those listening. Be aware of any excess noise that you may be generating - background noise may be expected but if it's particularly loud or continue for long periods it will soon become irritating.

Be adult, be decent - if you can't get on with someone take it offline and keep it private. Try and resolve any disagreements, don't let a moment of anger ruin a friendship - just talk.

We don't need drama - we are here to make friends, improve our gaming skills and have fun playing the games we love!