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MG Eclipse

Mission Statement

Hello! MG Eclipse is a very well established Gaming Community/Clan in multiple games! MGE is a Premium community. We do more than any other community and have a tight knit group of people to enjoy the game with. We have our own Economy where you can earn credits for being active and a place where you can use those credits to purchase real items like Video games, Elite Controller, MGE Merchandise, Logos, Montages…and more! Just by being an active community member you can earn real valuables! In addition to that we also have in house tournaments, Leagues, All of these things are for active members ONLY! Looking for group? We have an active LFG community with people posting every day looking for chill people to play with. We have a certain standard of person that we allow in our community so you should not have to worry about playing with any toxic players here! Halo 5 is the game we started with BUT we now have Halo 5, Starcraft, Minecraft, Apex Legends, Modern Warfare and Gears of War 5 and MORE! Overall you won’t find a better and more enjoyable community to call home! So what are you waiting for? My Gamertag is: Final Boss My discord is: Final Boss#1776 Add me on either of these and we can get you joined ASAP!


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