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MauL Clan Rebranded

Mission Statement

MauL Clan was founded on January 8th 2019 but has been rebranded on January 15th 2020 in the hopes of becoming a titan in todays Esports scene. Our goal is to create both a team and community for our fans. We are looking to make a future for our players and allow them to continue forward and improve.

We aim to provide the ultimate gaming experience for professional players and content creators within the gaming community. Our competitive team allows talented individuals and groups to prove themselves to the rest of the world, representing us in tournaments; both online and at public events.

As of now, We are looking for loyal & active members to compete/participate in high level competition for our clan. Our most important priority is our players and skill within the competitive and casual teams. We are looking for high and low skilled players as we are an active and non toxic community. Furthermore, we also do weekly tournaments within the clan that are a lot of fun and required skill and teamwork to win! We are also a clan for finding players to play with as our community is very active. We have lots of teams for different things, our teams consist of split NA and EU teams which both are incredibly beneficial, not only for the advice but for grasping a chance at getting better and learning new things for the future of your skills!