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Marlon Randos [RNDM]

Mission Statement

Marlon Randos is a casual, yet active, PS4 clan (mainly in EST) started by a couple of dads looking for some like-minded players. We understand that family and work come first, but having a reliable group of friends to game with, can make all the difference.

If you're looking for a stress-free environment to progress through Destiny 2 and get into endgame activities, let us know. We will be doing everything from casual PVE and PVP to raiding and other weekly activities. All we ask is that everyone is respectful and has fun.

We look forward to seeing you in game.


In case you're wondering, every season we vote on a stupid name based on this old imgur post ( It's dumb, but we think it's fun.

Season 1 - [DELI] Deli Sweepins
Season 2 - [WHSP] Chicken Whispers
Season 3 - [MOST] Mostly Apples
Season 4 - [TRON] Tropical Johns
Season 5 - [WNTR] Winter Champs
Season 6 - [RNDM] Marlon Randos

Even if we are maxed out, feel free to join and contribute to discussions, LFG or other gaming topics.