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Mad Dog Mattis Boys

Mission Statement

Do you like playing Co-op PvP/PvE shooter games, or any games for that matter, then the Mad Dogs are for you.

Team up with new players and experienced players alike, or go solo, and shoot your way through the game then jump into PvP and shoot your way through other people. All that is asked is that you believe in fair and honest gameplay, so if you like to cheat with glitches, please do not apply.

So in the words of Retired US Marine Corps General Mattis himself "Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet." Welcome to the Mad Dogs.





15th Oct 2018 - 7:07pm

hello, looking for a Division clan i have a Xbox one. Im willing to change my name. if u can add me on Xbox that would be great.

gt is thedragonlord30.