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Mad | Anonymous

Mission Statement

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     NA/EU - PC - 18+ - Discord - Gaming Community

About us

Mad | Anonymous is a pc based multi-gaming community that was created about 6 months ago by a group of like-minded people from Global Agenda. We have since expanded our variety in games and have grown to around 50 members from both Europe and North America. 

Our goal is to create a place for people to feel at home no matter if they are hardcore or casual gamers.
As a community we value maturity, respect and a sense of humor above all else.


As a community we play a large variety of games ranging from more competetive games such as CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege to more casual games such as FortnitePUBG and Rocket League. If you name it, we probably play it. To keep our members engaged we also hold multiple events on a weekly basis for both smaller and larger groups. (Ex. Golf with friends night)


Before joining we ask a few things of you

  • Be over the age of 18
  • Have a working microphone
  • Speak English
  • Access to discord

How to join?

If you meet these requirments and interested in joining head over to our discord where you will be met with further instructions on how to become a member! 

Hope to see you soon.