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Mission Statement

Hey there!

We are a new gaming community that is planning on growing.
Luxious has been established in early 2019 and we are still looking for new members
that are willing to join our community.

Our goal is to build a community where everyone feels accepted, to have fun and challange everything a game has to offer.
Luxious is based in the Netherlands, however we'll accept members all over the world. Most of all we aren't looking to turn this group into a job nor do we wish to force gaming onto others. We realize our members have lives, friends and jobs outside gaming. We also want to learn, progress and help others that are eager to learn.



  • Must have a microphone and join our Discord;
  • Speak decent English
  • Willing to work with and help others in our community
  • Must be atleast 18 years or older

If you're interested you can always connect with our Discord server and contact the owner. 

We hope to see you soon!