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Lords of Galenth

Mission Statement

I am currently looking to get this going, with active members and people would like to help create and LEAD.

I would like this to be a welcoming place for 16+ year olds. Focusing on a few games but being able to hop into discord for a chat even if you don't play the same game.

If anyone would like to help me create something great come on in. If you want to just come in and hangout thats awesome too!


Games and communities without structure collapse under a troll and lonesome gamers.

By Joining you accept these truths and realize that we will be better together.

That is why our goal as a Gaming Society and not a community is to invite people to become members of a fraternal order of gamers.

Long Before gaming The Freemasons and Knights Templar; become brothers. Working together to accomplish their goals.

Will you take your step into the Society of Brothers, The Lords of Galenth?




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