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The Lords Of Fenrir [TLOF]

Mission Statement

The Lords Of Fenrir [TLOF]

We want to create a close-knit team of players in the UK or people from outside of the UK that want or need to play in the UK time zone.

As players, we work together on PVE and PVP. This clan is to help all others with anything if available.

If you have solid knowledge and experience of running Raids in Destiny 2 then please let me know.

To be eligible you must ..

1) play on XBOX ONE

2) be aged 18 or over

3) have a headset for party chat

4) have a passion for Destiny 2

5) be socially active in our Discord, Facebook and Xbox Club.

If you want to join then please message me on XBOX, my gamer tag is Tiirath, let me know your Xbox gamer tag, and the light levels of your Titan, Warlock, and Hunter class, along with how much of the subclass that you have completed, and if you are interested in PVE, PVP or being an admin.





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21st May 2020 - 4:09am

 I started playing Destiny 1 after the Taken King but still know if it same, I will explore first the Destiny 2 and pm you asap if I am interested.