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The Loony Faction

Mission Statement

The name “Loony Faction” is not reflective of the mental state of its members (mostly 😉) but just a play on the floaty Warlock’s pair of boots.

 We are a group of working adults, parents and friends that have mostly been playing the game we love since D1 Yr1. We have recently added some great new members to our ranks and are looking to expand our community further by bringing in some experienced and likeminded players to run regular raids and activities while other clan members are having lives. The aim is to add to a solid group of experienced players and through regular raiding and activities, can learn from each other and collectively develop their own skills to be able to support and guide those less experienced in the clan. We are PvE focussed but have some experienced PvP players as well.

Mainly UK/US based we tend to raid Fri and Sat from 9pm GMT but there is usually someone on during the week to help out with bounties, quests whatever is needed including midweek raids if we have the numbers.

Conditions are friendly and relaxed.  But the minimum requirements for joining are:

Over 25's, have the latest DLC. Min of one Character at max Level LL. Have completed at least one of the raids in D2. Have mic.  Help out and be active in game with your clan mates and/or in Band which is the app we use to communicate, arrange events and build the community we aspire to create.  

Most importantly, remember it's just a game, and bring a sense of humour as you will definitely need one here! 

If you love the game, want a laugh and meet the conditions above, give us a shout on the bungie app