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Legion of Dawn

Mission Statement

- Guild name

Legion of Dawn

- Description                                                                                   
Legion of Dawn a PC Anthem Clan, we are currently looking for new members to join our Clan. We are looking for dedicated and hardcore player who are looking to grind Anthem as well as strive to get to the end game. When it comes to regions, everyone is welcome although most of our members are from Eu and Na. It's also very important for us that we all help and care for each other. We also have a Discord server where we strive to become stronger and bigger.

Platform: PC      Region: International

- Requirements                                                                 
We don’t take:

- freeloaders

- people who don't take endgame seriously

- Offers

- A organized discord server

- A dedicated and very friendly player base

Always someone to play with

How to Join

If u want to join our clan or have any questions, please DM me.