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Legacy Looters

Mission Statement

Why Legacy Looters?

In this community you have a voice and your voice will aid us in transforming a discord full of strangers into close friends. We started with Destiny 2 as our only community in 2017 but based off that feedback, from our members, we have created additional categories for other games and we did just that in January 2018. We don't have every game in the world but we have what is popular and even suggested. We have a tier system for those who are loyal and want to move up the ranking to help this community strive. We provision a trust system to our respective game leaders who monitor and lead that respective community by recruiting, managing, and leading by example. We acknowledge everyone has a life outside of gaming, and we make things fair and give all of our members needed time off to spend time with their loved ones. It isn't the owners or admins that makes this community strong, it's all of our members who continue to contribute on the daily, virtual world, grinds that have a voice. Whether if it's change or remaining the same, we always want to hear your opinion. We are a very laid back and mature community that is very competitive and strives to be the best, not the best in the world but the best we have to offer.

We welcome you to this community and I hope to see you here.

Discord is our main source for communication.

If you are looking for a Worldwide PC based clan, please be sure to drop by our discord and look around. Thank you for your consideration! 


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