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The Leftovers Inc.

Mission Statement


The Leftovers Inc.


The Leftovers Inc.  is a clan consisting of several different clans that have been abandoned within Destiny 2.  We decided to combine all players that have been “Leftover” or abandoned by inactive clans.  If you are currently in clan that has been inactive or stagnant, we have a home for you!

The Leftovers Inc.

We are trying to expand our clan to begin raiding and doing activities within Destiny as a common group of players.  We have several players that are on just about every day.  We are always available to help where we can.

We also began to utilize Discord for easier communication within and outside of Destiny 2.  Please download Discord on your mobile device and request to join “The Leftovers Inc.” through the Bungie>Clan Search>The Leftovers Inc. or by messaging Slyzon23 or Sabre55 on Discord.  Once you have been accepted into the clan, you will be given a link to join the discord.


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