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Kobra Venom Vanguard (KvV)

Mission Statement

We are a casual group of ps4 gamers who enjoy the escape from life that gaming allows us to have. While we all may have families, work, chores, school or any other "real life" obligations, we understand that gaming can be the outlet you may need.

We are real gamers, people who want to have fun and play games with people who think like us. We use tactics and teamwork, we also play when kids are asking us things, we never take things to seriously. We tell bad jokes, we dont play 24/7, we like to have a good time and laugh it up while knowing we got a team that's got our back and is going to play the objective.

We are all adults and treat each other each other with the respect that comes with being an adult. So, if your tired of playing with randoms and dont have the time or desire to join a "hardcore" group, then take a look at us. 



Have a mic

Have fun



16th May 2019 - 1:16pm

Hey so I’m liking what I’m reading and sounds like I could fit in here. I play apex and the division 2 on PS4 I’m new to PS4 I’ve had Xbox since I was a kid. How do I join my psn ID: Rowdy_exe


18th Mar 2019 - 8:34am


Are you guys looking for any new members? If so - Im your guy! =)

Im a 39 y.o swede, working full time with wife and two kids, I still manage to find time doing one of the many things I love - playing BF5!

I have played FPS games since forever, and would say Im rather skilled and experiened. However, Im really missing the dimension of enjoying great teamplay tactics. The rare occasions when you randomly finds a squad who actually does teamwork are the best and now I hope joining a clan on similar level as me in all aspects. 

Let me know if you're interested in more details or if I should play some test for approval. I havent joined a clan before, so have no idea how to do this, but Im up for anything! =)

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,