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Mission Statement

KillSwitch, Gaming Group founded sometime during winter 2015 when a small group of gamers were farming in dark zone and they decided to build a community for other gamers to unite and have fun together. KillSwitch faded down to ghost town when the group separated. But we're back & building the community back from dirt.  As a gamer, I was bored of all the clans that were far too harsh on people being different, opinionated, casual player or against the grain. So, me and a few other members you’ll find on the team decided to grow our own community, where other likeminded people who may be a casual gamer, struggle to socialise or have a hard time making friends and finding allies, can come and be welcomed, hopefully finding it a place they can fit in and call a better community.
What game killswitch based on? Well as you know, any and all are welcome, Our games and discussion topics can range between anything from: rainbow six to league, writing to films, music to the MCU. We’re an open clan, accepting of all and happy to talk about anything and everything you may be interested in. We have different divisions for the players who wants a more serious gaming environment & plus for the casual gamers who wants to have a laugh while headshotting those noobs. 

Feel free to apply. (16+) | Discord -

PS - We hate clan hoppers. Don't apply if you don't wanna stick around.

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