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Just the Tip Eris

Mission Statement

Among the most sought after of the military companies of the Ancien Régime that dates back to the 16th century, when Cardinal Richelieu created his personal bodyguard unit. Eris's roots are deep and noble with honor and we intend to keep it that way. Since that one dark night when she came seeking what is now the Fourth Generation of TIP.
Here at TIP, our focus is simple! To ensure we conquer all in a fun, energetic atmosphere, WITH RESPECT. For adult minded guardians that enjoy working as a tight explosive force of reckoning minus the showboating! Don't have a strong K/D?!?! We don't judge because it's all about team effort. We dominate only as one!

This planet has been conquered, now [b]let's give the universe our TiP
All for one and one for... Eris!



15th Jan 2018 - 3:53pm

hey im currently looking for clans that actually run missions together and are vocal and active specially late night! if thats you guys please hit me up im over 300 and can't find anyone to play with

psn- ManicMD2


18th Jan 2018 - 4:22pm

hey megga,

at the moment we only have 2 PSN players on this side. the xbx side however, is insanely serious about grinding so not sure if you still get the clan rewards. I am trying to build the PSN division Juzt the TiP Eris and if you think you'd be a huge asset in helping out, I will make you one of the admins. I'll have my second in command send you a message to follow up too.


19th Dec 2017 - 5:23pm

at present I am looking for players that love to grind at least twice a week with 80% achievements completed and wish to be active with the rest of us, which also consists dropping by our page on bungie. yes ACTIVE members only!


6th Dec 2017 - 2:38pm

Hey buddy,

At the moment, we are maxed out.... BUT by Monday I'll be sending you an invite as I am planning on doing a serious PURGE of those that either have moved on or just don't care to grind with the clan or stay in touch with the rest of the Armada of Eris's force. seems a lot of players prefer to reap what they can by letting others do all the work. so will add you to the list and see you soon, if you are still interested.


26th Nov 2017 - 10:21pm

Hello! Looking for Destiny 2 clan (xbox one). Recently started hence still leveling up, currently a 268 hunter. Switzerland based, but Italian, 27 years old, playing with Mic several days a week.

Looking forward to hear from you and hopefully play soon!


26th Nov 2017 - 12:37pm

Hello, I would like to join your clan. Daily player. Titan 305, Hunter 305, Warlock 305.


23rd Nov 2017 - 8:16pm


Id like to join, I’m a 304 hunter based in the UK, I got a mic and I play during the nights or during the day on weekends.



22nd Nov 2017 - 7:22pm

You guys have any room for a 295 Warlock/294Titan? would love to join  Xbox1: DravenXT


20th Nov 2017 - 2:51pm

Casual Xbox one gamer looking for active clan. I have been playing destiny since D1 release and currently with D2. Xbox name is same as my name on here


28th Sep 2017 - 3:39pm

hey guardians! it's insane how many want to be part of Eris's family.... however, we have reached our max. that being said we are in the works of developing a PSN division and even a PC

so do apologize for the delay but once I have found responsible generals to expand our empire you will be receiving a message from me inviting you.

thank you



28th Sep 2017 - 2:17pm

Looking to join a new clan as currently the one I am in never seems to have anyone online and don't join Fireteam requests (maybe a different time zone to UK).

Into Crucible and running Strikes, raid once I hit 280 and doing PvE stuff solo or teamwork

Titan @ 272

PSN & Bungie : Grimmsqueaker


28th Sep 2017 - 1:14pm

Would love to be a part of this clan, sounds unique and fun.

If you'll have me my PSN is Watnuki, and I'm 22.


28th Sep 2017 - 12:44pm

 Hey if you guys still have room in your clan I could use an invite if that would be OK. I have a 292 titan and a 276 Hunter .. gamer tag is Misanthrope40


26th Sep 2017 - 11:08pm

I am Hitman604Actual on Xbox Live and would love an invite to your clan if you guys are taking applications. I mostly grind PvE stuff like public events and strikes. I am also pretty good at Crucible. Send me an invite!


25th Sep 2017 - 8:33pm


Are there still spots?

I'm a dad of three and am in Canada EST

My psn us bsw21122112

Thank you


23rd Sep 2017 - 10:52pm

Looking to join. Xbox one need a fun new clan my current is down to 7 inactive members ... gamer tag baddebt69 active daily