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Iris of Osiris

Mission Statement

* Understand that this is a PS4 primary clan. We do plan in the future to go multiplatform to Xbox, and possibly PC. But for now, we mainly only do PS4* 

Update: 10/13/17

*Because we're almost at maximum capacity, I will have to cut back on acceptance rates for people applying to join the clan, but I'm going to get the Xbox clan set up, so get ready for that*

Iris of Osiris is a very cooperative and entertaining clan. We take pride in teaching all new and old players ways of how to be successful in Destiny 2. We all are Destiny 1 veterans who like to play PVE, including patrols, nightfalls(prestige or not), and of course raids.

In terms of raids, we recommend that you level up your characters to 285 power. Because raids are important to us, we like to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to complete raids and become legend. However, only the strong can achieve higher intensity activities, mainly like prestige raid and nightfalls. So we make sure everyone understands everything in raids.

We also like to play crucible and trials, but merely for fun and loot. We encourage players to team up and compete in the Crucible and Trials of the Nine together, because we like to promote cooperation within the community.

We expect everyone to play in a fun and friendly manner, meaning we don't tolerate bad behavior. We don't like rage quitting, it looms bad on the clan and leaves other clanmates astrayed. We don't tolerate bullying and aggression towards other players or clanmates. So do yoursslf and others a favor, please play responsibly and in a well- fashioned manner.

If you are interested in joining us, send me or my friend, Radicalfouad, a msg on PS4 and I'll add you in, because ALL ARE WELCOME!!! Good luck Guardians! 




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