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Hounds of Chrome

Mission Statement


We are an old clan looking for dedicated players to replace inactive members and help us complete raids and other endgame activities. There are currently no requirements to join, new or returning guardians are welcome.

For more information or to request an invitation please add/message TmoneyHYDRO on xbox or leave comments below. I am online everyday and will respond.



10th Jun 2018 - 10:47pm

Looking to join clan.. PvP/Raids, and all other content. I'm just starting Destiny 2, but played Destiny 1 a lot. I'll be flying through to get geared up. Completed Raids and ran Crucible too.

GT is Gotkush50420


2nd Jun 2018 - 4:47pm

355 Hunter and Titan. Looking for an active clan so I can start NF and raising again after my last clan all bailed on the game


1st Jun 2018 - 9:41pm

looking for a clan gamer tag is fluffypup74662 just getting back into destiny i know how to raid just looking for a active clan 


24th May 2018 - 11:21pm

Looking to join, as my old clan is basically inactive. I play most days, and are willing to help with weeklys. 

Gamertage: MasterfulPeon


25th Jan 2018 - 5:36pm

Would like to join. I grind and love co op with clan mates. Hunter 335 and warlock 334. Current clan does not play anymore so looking for a chill active clan. Thanks 


25th Jan 2018 - 5:36pm

Would like to join. I grind and love co op with clan mates. Hunter 335 and warlock 334. Current clan does not play anymore so looking for a chill active clan. Thanks 


10th Dec 2017 - 9:51pm

Level 25 light 314 warlock valuable with any subclass. I’m looking for a good group of people to do raids/strikes/crucible with. I’m active duty Navy so my time can be limited but I get online as much as I can and I always hit my weekly missions and goals for clan XP but no one else in the clan does. If you’re interested my gamer tag is STEEZYD07 and I will be sending you a DM on Xbox. Thanks. Oh and I’m a pretty badass dude. Hope to hear back from you.


1st Dec 2017 - 6:23pm

Hey There,

I would love to have our two clans join forces! If you're up for that of course. We do all communication on Discord. We have 2 clans, 1 of them being full and this one called The Dishonored Guardians we just started. We have active players on all the time. I've personally been in 3 or 4 different clans and this is by far the best one i have been a part of. Daily raid groups, I personally sherpa weekly for the raid and nightfall, weekend trials players, we do it all. Please message me if you feel like you and your squad would like to not only join us and The Dishonored Guardians, but our community of gamers as well. Look forward to hearing from you!



PSN: Abayless25 


29th Nov 2017 - 11:00am

Yo looking to join a active clan my clans been dead for a while need some new clan mates to enjoy raids trials nightfalls iron banner and all that good stuff I have 2 characters at 305 currently


28th Nov 2017 - 6:04am

Lvl 285 Titan. Active and mature player. Looking to do strikes, raids, pvp. Germany based (US native), but sometimes on evenings US time. Thanks.

GT benson8482


27th Nov 2017 - 10:35pm
  • Hi, i'm interested in doing your clan. My name is Max and i'm 13 BUT i'm not one of those kids who are fresh off of cod, no. I'm a serious destiny play who has been in the community ever since the D1 beta and i'm not a squeaker meaning: my voice isn't higher than a dog whistle, I don't rage (often), and when I make insults they're not yo mama jokes. I also have a 303 titan which i'm planning on getting to 305 before the dlc. I've bought the expansion pass so I could play with you or the clan. but considering the fact that I have school i'm only allowed to play on Fridays and weekends but when I do play I usually play for 3+ hours and on breaks like winter break I could probably play for 6+ hours. I am a very committed Destiny player, I usually complete all my milestones in a couple of hours. I would be a great addition to the clan, I would help people, do trials with people do the raid over and over and guide newer players and make them stronger. So please message me back soon, thanks and have a good day.



25th Nov 2017 - 3:06am

49 year old avid gamer have played lots of MMO's and xbox games Destiny 1 and Mass Effect and other series.  I have also played Elite dangerous in a number of other PC games and long-term MMO's

Looking for an active Clan to grow with



15th Nov 2017 - 8:14pm

Hi, looking for a clan for PVP and PVE.  I enjoy doing the raids and nightfall and just grinding in general.  I am in eastern time zone and on Xbox live most nights for a few hours.  Xbox live GT -Howard Tannen.  Currently have a 303 Titan (my preferred class) but am working on leveling up my Warlock and hunter.



14th Nov 2017 - 3:00pm

Hi there- would love to join an active clan! My clan isn’t active at all unfortunately. I’m a 305 warlock and 302 hunter with decent ELO in competitive PVP (not amazing). I’ve completed the raid once and understand/know the mechanics but am not an expert (yet!). I’m on relatively often- at least on weekends and would love to complete end game activities a lot more- especially Trials and the Raid! Also use the Destiny Companion app. Thanks- GT- Asif163


10th Nov 2017 - 11:05pm

Hey, I'm pegasus, I just wanted to join a friendly, sociable and active clan, I'm a 288 light warlock and my gamertag is: pegasus20032004, I would be extremely greatful if you accepted my application!


7th Nov 2017 - 12:04pm

LF an active Clan that has a casual attitude. Have all 3 classes at 300+ light. I like all aspects of the game. Would like some folks to sweat it out in the Crucible a bit though. GT is HotDamnItsChris


6th Nov 2017 - 7:50pm

Looking for an active guild in destiny. I play at least 1h 30m -2h a day and am at 266 light warlock with 15 exotics. My username on Xbox is ColorfastPond00. 



6th Nov 2017 - 6:58pm

Looking for a mature clan. 

On most evenings

Currently a 265 titan

Prefer pve but happy with PvP

UK based

Any questions just drop me a message. Gt is hinksy90


6th Nov 2017 - 4:08pm

Hi there, looking for a relaxed/casual clan as I can only be a casual player these and all that jazz. Experienced gamer though and vanilla Destiny player, hitting the mid 290's with my Titan and Warlock and looking for the endgame stuff now. Have you got a good number of UK/Euro players? Last clan was almost all North American and rarely could get to play with them.