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Horseman 0f Apocalypse Clan

Mission Statement

Welcome to Horseman 0f Apocalypse where we have experienced guardians. We are dedicated to D2, most of us started from D1. We have great friends, fun gaming with each other, and We don't deal with DRAMA.

About Us:

Play Skills: We have all kinds of players. We have people who can do NF/PNF, Levi & EoW Raids, we have Trials players, and endgame players. We love to help others and even teach, train, or even help with getting there endgame up and going.

ACTIVITY: We know everybody has lives like work, school, kids, or other responsibilities that they have to deal with and that comes first. We are based on family values and loyalty. Most of our clan runes every day or every other day, for a few hours.

DISCORD ACTIVITY: Discord is a REQUIREMENT for our membership. This is a free app for your phone, tablet, and computer. This is how we communicate with our clan. YOU CAN NOT TURN OFF NOTIFACTIONS AT ALL. (If your're at school, or work, or sleeping then just silents it.) This is how we set up events and get fireteams together. Also, this is how we chill and just socialize with everybody.

COMMUNITY: We don't deal with drama. We treat others how we would want to be treated. Also, nobody is above anybody. We put the needs of our family aka clan first. We are based on family values and loyalty. We all like to joke and have a good time but also know when to get the job done.

OUR CODE OF CONDUCT: Like I stated before we treat others how we would like to be treated. Also, NOBODY IS ABOVE ANYBODY!! Also, keeping active is a MOST if not you could be removed, this is on the game and discord. Everybody will respect and treat each other with dignity at all times. No rage quitting events, etc. That can get you removed. If you can't stay or have to go, just say, "I gotta go or I can't do this anymore." Way better than just up and leaving your family/clan without a word.


1. Agree to all the above things.

2. Must have a mic.

3. Are you a Raider or Trials Player? (its okay if your not.)

4. Download Discord and make sure your username matches your gamer tag.

5. Choose which clan you want to join.

6. Message me here, or at JessBabi.




23rd Aug 2018 - 8:23pm

Hello, I'm looking for a new clan for D2. Almost playing every day, so like to spend soms time with other ppl. Xbox tag : Cr6dle