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Mission Statement

Welcome to Horizon

      What describes us, were a gaming community of nerds let's just go with that lol. Just a bunch of nerds that like to play games together. We play a great traverse of games from RPG's, Shooters, MMO's, Adventures, etc. We got a good selection of games that we play. But you're not here to hear me ramble about what we have, your here for the goodies. Like what can we offer you in return? If you decide to join, correct? Well to be honest with you and to anyone that reads this. Were a new community built with the idea off of an anime called Fairy Tail. I'm pretty sure you know the anime. The Idea came to mind when making the Guild part. Horizon has 2 functions, we have a Community Hub where you can join without the hassle of being in any clans, its mainly for a place to meet new people and make friends. And there is the Guild. The Guild functions like a faction. Where you can register as an adventurer and do special missions and work together with friends if you like and rank up together. By accepting missions and completing them will earn you a point towards your rank. Get enough points will promote you to the next rank. So far if you decide to join, everyone starts at the bottom. (G Rank) from there you do a few missions, complete them and once you hit your milestone, you will be promoted to the next rank which is (F rank) the highest rank we have is (S Rank) which you will have bragging rights and if you want, "If you're not satisfied" you can choose to become a Knight or an Advisor. Only S Ranks are given this ability to become one of these two special roles. 

Advisors: Are your typical moderators that help with giving out missions and accepting missions. Also, whatever happens in the Guild, you will be notified before anyone. Plus, sneak peeks and notifications will be only accessible to you. 

Knights: Your job is very important, you're the security of the guild, your job is to help protect and maintain the guild and keep it safe from people who want to do it harm. You have the ability to kick people out, but you must have a good reason and make sure to tell an Advisor why you're kicking that person out. Great power comes with Great responsibility.

What can we offer to you if you do decide to join us?

  • At the moment we do have an Esports team being made for PC Overwatch 2If you like to try out, please contact LeftBadWolf46 and Drewsjazzy. They are your Team leader and Team Assistant. At the moment they are looking for a 5th that plays support. As well substitutes. 
  • We can offer a Guild like experience, always updating you with the latest news on games as well objectives. If you see a Job that looks good to you, please accept it.
  • We do support content creators and are working on getting a few of our own streamers to become affiliate. If you like support towards reaching that goal, we got you. 
  • We have a Graphics team, but we do things on a IRL basis, so were not always on due to work or college. We do apologize for it.


The Requirements upon joining:

  • Must be 15+ to join and responsible.
  • Must have a working microphone.
  • Please read the rules and guidelines.
  • Discord (Recommended)
  • Join with a Positive attitude, bring any drama and we will kick you out. 


PS: Lastly, we understand IRLC comes first. (In Real Life Commitment) Prioritize it 1st. 



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