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Mission Statement

Welcome and thank you for taking your time reading this.

Greetings and welcome to Horizon. Established on October 1st, 2023, by two visionary individuals with the noble intention of creating a secure haven for gamers. The core principles of our community revolve around the exclusion of drama and toxicity. Dating is not encouraged within our server, as it may lead to complications best avoided. The journey of Horizon has been remarkable; our esteemed members are the foundation upon which this community stands. Diligently, we strive to cater to the requirements of our members, aspiring to be a memorable and cohesive family.

We provide opportunities for game nights, tournaments, clan participation challenges, and more. Upon membership, adherence to the rules and requirements is mandatory. Eligibility criteria include:

- Minimum age requirement of 15 years
  - Exceptions can be made for individuals who are 14 years old and turning 15 within 2 months.
- Possession of a functional microphone
  - Those currently without one but intending to acquire it are also welcome.
- Provision of accurate information for registration purposes to maintain the integrity of our records. Dishonesty may lead to dismissal, emphasizing the value of honesty.

Upon admission, members are expected to follow the prescribed procedures, authenticate their identity, and commence enjoying the activities provided. (Any personal Information is never asked.)

Within Horizon, we provide the opportunity to assume two distinct roles. The first role entails membership, granting access to fundamental server features such as general discussion topics, group formation, selfies, health and fitness discussions, and mental health awareness initiatives. The second role is reserved for Clan members, offering the chance to progress in rank, acquire essential leadership skills, and gain valuable experience applicable to employment opportunities. This role provides training in data entry, computer proficiency, customer service, multitasking abilities, leadership attributes, and other relevant competencies.

Currently, our Clan Competitive server is experiencing technical difficulties. We will provide updates on its restoration. Information concerning Clan Competitions is exclusively reserved for dedicated team members who invest their time. Prize money is allocated to the team, with 10% earmarked for charitable causes such as St. Jude's and mental health awareness. Moreover, we collaborate with the Warrior Relief Fund, a non-profit aiding veterans. Our ongoing endeavors include exploring additional partnerships.


Games that have been included in our server:

- XDefiant
- The First Descendant
- Once Human

Upcoming Games:

- Black Ops 6.




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5th Feb 2024 - 2:44pm

Beware of rachtoo his user id will be posted with this message. VC AI was banned with persistence on hearing you through vc, would not not give any other reason why. User id: 1087181925963284522 


25th Jan 2024 - 2:01am

Be aware of a user named Zayzues on discord he is trying to steal members from any community his user id will be posted along with this message. User ID: 911792030915653694 Stay safe everyone!