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Mission Statement

Team Honor -  Striving for quality content and quality rosters.


We are a newly rebranded clan (Est. Jan 2020) and are looking for players to join our Competitive and Casual rosters.

We are currently only EU-based but this may change in the future.

We only currently operate on Fortnite, but will branch out in the future

You must be at least 13 years of age and non-toxic.



1. You must join our public discord here:

2. Go to our linktree

and choose our Tryout Form

3. Wait until you get a response on discord. If you dont get one in 24 hours, message the manager or leader and they can sort it out.


That's it!


If you want to get into our Casual team, you wont need to tryout after you get approved.

If you want to get into our Competitive team, you will need to tryout after you get approved. I will message you on discord for details.


Buisness Inquiries : [email protected]