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Mission Statement



Welcome to The [Hexxen] Corporation. We will be at the forefront of exploration In the Universe. Here at [Hexxen] we believe in strong moral codes, however one may need to get their hands dirty if they are to advance in the unknown regions of space. The [Hexxen] Corporation “bats no eye” at ensuring our existence. Perhaps controversial…. we endure to make progress, and ensure the advancement of the human race.

The [Hexxen] Corporation works as a team to ensure everyone is treated equal, and that no employee is left behind.


About Us:

The clan was founded in 2003 with Jedi Outcast and have moved forward thru the years.  We have played most every major title in PC gaming with the same common goal in mind... 'To enjoy this hobby we have chosen.'   We enjoy most multiplayer games.  We're always looking to recruit new mature players.  The majority of our clan is over 30, English speaking, and from the US.  We do not toil over roles and ranks as grown men should not require babysitting. The players decide what they want to play and how.  We do have moderators for Discord chat obviously.  (Note: In Star Citizen .. Hexxen Corp will have a semi-militarized hierarcy... *think Starfleet* as we venture into deep space.)


About You:

We're looking for fun and interactive players.  Must be 18+ years of age... preferably 30+.  We ask that you have a headset and join us in Discord while gaming... as communication is key when playing interactive and/or competitive games.




How To Join:

Come visit us in Discord. For Star Citizen applicants.. use the RSI Website link here.




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