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Hard Style Assassins

Mission Statement

Hard Style Assassins

Who We Are:

Hard Style Assassins is a community for all gamers to join and have a place in the gaming world. We have experience of over 8 years and are bringing something new and fresh with our setup. Our server is offering all sorts of positions from leadership, competitive gaming, graphics teams, streaming, and many more.  All people are welcome in the vast and diverse group of members we have. Find your place among the best community and make new memories and friends.

What We Offer:

  • Competitive teams (If we don't already have a team talk to a council member about starting one for HSA)


  • Graphics team (Help the clan with logos or video editing)


  • Streaming team (Be apart of our stream team. We help and support our streamers)


  • Leadership Council (We offer the best staff members to help everyone)


  • Mic
  • Discord
  • Be 14+ years of age

Perfection is our Tradition
Hard Style Assassins



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