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Guild of Lone Travelers

Mission Statement

We are a new guild!

The guild was made with the solo player in mind. Tired of being a solo player having to join a guild for benefits or needing a bit of backup here and there but being forced to be active in the guild or doing some kind of ritual dance event or something or other every time? This guild is for you! Within the games we play, it's originally built with the thought that you can continue being a solo player but with relief of knowing you have people there for you when you need them.

Not a solo player? That is just fine! We also have discord channel for chat rp's, and we also have room for people who always like to socialize and be team players!

Within this guild we have "Houses", little mini groups associated with your preferences and play style. When becoming a member you have to pick a house. But no worries, as time goes, we will always be creating more house along the way.

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