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Guardians of Eden

Mission Statement

Welcome to Eden!

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Revenants of Eden (Full)

Eternals of Eden (Open)

Eden is a 16+ group of people trying to grow a community of friends. We hope to play with new and returning guardians to create some of the best memories possible. We're currently a small group of respectful gamers looking for more of our ilk. Discord is a requirement. Using a mic is suggested.


At Eden, our goal is to make everyone feel at home, and have a great time in this game. We offer help in every way we can, and enjoy playing with a full fireteam. Our long term goal is to turn this community into something we're proud of, and can look back on in the future.

Simply apply to our clan, and join the discord. We can't wait to see you Guardian! Note that we're a NA clan primarily, but we accept people from any location!