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Mission Statement


Brutally efficient, yet completely retarded.

Our goal is to maintain a chill community of badass gamers who can relax and destroy simultaneously.


  • Discord (I'll give the room code personally.)
  • Age must be between 15-28
  • Xbox gamers (crossplay counts)

Ranks and Promotions:

Ranks in order from top to bottom are:

  1. Warden- Leader
  2. Sentinel- Admins and Management
  3. Peacekeeper- Lesser Admins who help with management
  4. Decurio- Sergeants/ highly skilled members
  5. Vindicator- Base Members
  6. Novice- New/ Inactive Members

Promotions are based on loyalty to Greywatch, not skill within games, and will be granted when deemed necessary. To advance in ranks, simply hang out, game, talk, and stay involved.


You can message me on Xbox where I'm most responsive, my gamertag is SkeleClark.

You can also message other high ranking members such as TwistedKarma605, The Hibble, or Captain Jimney.


Clan Upvotes

Games Played