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Grave Clan

Mission Statement

About Us

We are a unique clan trying to grind to the top!


How to join 

Click the join tab above!


Tryouts are only for the competitive Teams! (Fortnite, Pokemon [which isn't decided yet on how we will recruit], and COD Warzone/Modern Warfare) 

We are a unique multi-game clan with 160+ members. We can help you succeed, with people making gfx for your youtube, and more. We have 3 teams that you can join. The first is the Grave Clan Community (Grinder for Noobs), you can instantly join this team, no matter how good you are. The next team is Elite, in which you have to try out for, and have to kill the other person 3 2 in 1v1s. Our final team is Master. Master is the hardest to get in to. First (for fortnite), you will have to make an rc montage for our FNRS (Fortnite Recruitment Series), and do two of our master rank challenges, (an rc is one of them btw.) You will have to be noticed by the admins and owners for your talent, and abilities. Finally, you will have to 1v1 a player that has master rank, and at least lose 2 to 3 in 1v1s. We hope you get the support you need here in Grave Clan.



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