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Git Gaming Inc.

Mission Statement



Who is Git Gaming

Git Gaming established in 2020, were founded on the principal of being the "one-stop shop" for any and all gamers. No matter what you play, Hardcore FPS, Sandbox, or Realism, we strive to build a community around any games you wish. We are a community built for gamers by gamers, who understand no one plays just one game. You can come here for all your gaming needs which includes fully customized game servers, that we host, to play on ranging from Minecraft, Rust, Scum, Squad, and more!


Do you offer servers?

Yes! We host a multitude of servers run by our community. Currently we offer Minecraft, FiveM, SCUM, Squad, Farming Simulator 2019, and Rust.


What if there isn’t a server for the games I play

If there is a game you want to start a server for, as long as there is enough members willing to play, we don’t mind starting a server.


Can I apply for staff?

Yes, we are currently looking for staff for all of our servers. If you become a staff member you aren’t staff for just one game, you are staff for them all!


Can I rent a server from Git Gaming?

Yes, You also are able to rent private game servers from us if you are looking for a place for just you and your friends!



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