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Gas Mask Bombers

Mission Statement

***GMB is recruiting for Havok (Apex/MW) and Yakuza (Halo) Squads!
as well as a fortnite team run by GMB Blessed. We are also 18+***

Gas Mask Bombers Mission Statement
What is good! Welcome to the Gas Mask Bombers LFC. So your probably wondering what is GMB all about? So lets jump into it. I am xKushie420 I am a content creator and an active gamer. I have noticed in numerous organizations and communities that they dont really offer a way for other content creators and gamers to be supported. As well as letting some newer members slip through the cracks and be forgotten. Not all orgs are like this but i have discovered a few. I have been the head of a streaming department for a large org before, in addition to almost a decade of being in and running clans/communities. I have some experience and decided to venture out under my own flag. Recently i found a group of people who are super supportive and amazing at their crafts. so im building a home for them. a support system to help them out. I know a lot of us are super busy with life and have full time jobs or school. And when you get time to game or stream or just make a new video, your gonna want a community to rely on for solid support. We all bring different interests together and would love to meet like minded people. The more the merrier and one thing I have come to love about our community is how much we support each other. So welcome, check out the rules section and enjoy your stay we have a lot to offer such as GMB Gfx for members to use. An activity level system with rewards and more being added weekly. Daily conversations about movies, games and the 420 lifestyle

Gas Mask Bombers Rules:
Rule #1: I do not have time for bullshit so when it come to Racism, Sexist Remarks, Sexual Harassment etc, I have zero tolerance for any of that! Get Banned super easy.
Rule #2: While we all love a good troll, do not agitate someone who is clearly having a problem or not doing to well. It will be considered harassment and an easy kick/ban.
Rule #3: This is GMB, DO NOT post/promote other communities/discords etc, you will be banned.
Rule #4: This is a mature server and community, so act accordingly. Being toxic in any way means your out plain and simple.
Rule #5: Respect is a must, so be respectful to others especially staff. They choose to be here and help out. They are not here to deal with any toxic behaviors. . Any bullying, hate, racist slurs, or negativity will get you banned.
Rule #6: GMB Media is a super chill community but try and keep chats on topic and in the proper areas.
Rule #7: Do not @ everyone , you can't anyways I made sure of that shit lol.
Rule #8: Do not post in the chats begging for money or free handouts/items, that is not allowed
Rule #9: Do not make any clan/group/activity/org of any kind in regards to GMB. You may request one to be made by xKushie420. No guarantees tho esp. if its something I'm never ever gonna use.
Rule #10: GMB Media is owned/created and run by xKushie420 and all rights reserved.
Rule #11: Weed, 420, Bud, Ganja is the lifestyle. Alcohol is accepted as well but any other mention of drugs isn't cool don't be a fool. Also don't try to sell or buy in my server. For reals tho.
Rule #12: Most importantly xKushie420 has the final word. IDGAF what i say goes and i will bypass any rule i feel fit. Don't like it kick rocks.

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