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Gaming Gods

Mission Statement



About: The Gaming Gods community is here at your disposal for you to be able to meet other like-minded players that you’ll be able to squad up and play games with. Whether it be on one of our servers, or just grouping together for a game of Rainbow Six: Siege. We hold nightly Rainbow Six Siege gaming groups on both casual and competitive.

Are we an 'eSports clan'? Absolutely not! In-fact, we aren't really a clan at all, but instead, a community of like-minded players that have one focus: to play video games. We never discourage players from joining based upon their skill level or their newness to a game. Best of all, you can join when you want, play when you want, and talk to who you want. The freedom is truly up to you.

What kind of events does this community run? We run events ranging from group-up sessions for ranked Rainbow Six Siege matches, Steam Gift Card giveaway events, and much, much more. Essentially, by you actively participating in our community, you'll be rewarded.

How do I join? It's simple, just join our Discord by clicking here, or by visiting Once you've joined our Discord server, that's it! You can optionally join our forums at, and visit our portal at for important news information. Other than that, you're good to go! Gone are the days of having to 'submit an application' just to join a community!


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